Lecture Power Points: 

Most of the images used in these teaching decks were downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. The downloadable power points on the left have animations that are not evident in the pdf counterparts on the right. You are free to borrow and modify these decks for your own needs as long as you credit me and keep the links to the (non-Wikimedia) image providers.

science.pptx science.pptx
Size : 1482.083 Kb
Type : pptx
envir. policy.pptx envir. policy.pptx
Size : 1563.939 Kb
Type : pptx
climate change.pptx climate change.pptx
Size : 3627.662 Kb
Type : pptx
climate suppl.pptx climate suppl.pptx
Size : 1203.172 Kb
Type : pptx
matter basics.pptx matter basics.pptx
Size : 2708.216 Kb
Type : pptx
matter of life.pptx matter of life.pptx
Size : 1957.472 Kb
Type : pptx
energy basics.pptx energy basics.pptx
Size : 767.554 Kb
Type : pptx
energy flow & cycling.pptx energy flow & cycling.pptx
Size : 3684.949 Kb
Type : pptx
fossil fuels.pptx fossil fuels.pptx
Size : 3072.628 Kb
Type : pptx
nuclear power.pptx nuclear power.pptx
Size : 1523.583 Kb
Type : pptx
science.pdf science.pdf
Size : 1140.584 Kb
Type : pdf
envir. policy.pdf envir. policy.pdf
Size : 1657.113 Kb
Type : pdf
climate change.pdf climate change.pdf
Size : 2097.498 Kb
Type : pdf
climate suppl.pdf climate suppl.pdf
Size : 1290.222 Kb
Type : pdf
matter basics.pdf matter basics.pdf
Size : 1666.897 Kb
Type : pdf
matter of life.pdf matter of life.pdf
Size : 1566.403 Kb
Type : pdf
energy basics.pdf energy basics.pdf
Size : 1454.04 Kb
Type : pdf
energy flow & cycling.pdf energy flow & cycling.pdf
Size : 2136.779 Kb
Type : pdf
fossil fuels.pdf fossil fuels.pdf
Size : 2869.994 Kb
Type : pdf
nuclear power.pdf nuclear power.pdf
Size : 1453.982 Kb
Type : pdf

About this site

I originally started this website in July 2012 in order to promote the environmental science lab manual Ecology, Development, and Sustainability. I have now expanded it to share other teaching ideas through videos of science activities and blog entries with emphasis on environmental science and energy measurement. Given that environmental science is the most political field of natural science it is also the most susceptible to agenda-driven ideologies. I support an impartial and fact-driven curriculum that appeals to thoughtful people from all ends of the political spectrum. I believe that conservation of our natural resources is best achieved through more consensus and less coercion, and that only intellectual diversity provides the necessary checks and balances to reach this goal.

About the site name

I chose the name "entropyrider" based on a personal obsession with the second law of thermodynamics. For the record I did not major in physics: I took my first college-level physics class in the Fall of 2012.

About the banner image

I took this picture of the ruins of Angkor Wat while visiting Cambodia in 1999.

About me

Antonio R. Chaves

I graduated from the University of Maryland in 1982 with a B.S. in fish and wildlife. After two years in the Peace Corps, I worked in the shrimp-farming industry. Eventually, I went back to college and earned a Ph.D. in zoology at Texas A&M University in 1999. I currently teach in the Washington D.C. area.


photo of Antonio Chaves

Recent Presentations:

Presented at the Maryland Collegiate STEM conference in April 2024:

EV & Flex-Fuel instruct.pdf EV & Flex-Fuel instruct.pdf
Size : 1390.921 Kb
Type : pdf
EV & Flex-Fuel handout.pdf EV & Flex-Fuel handout.pdf
Size : 171.148 Kb
Type : pdf
EV & Flex-Fuel spreadsheet.xls EV & Flex-Fuel spreadsheet.xls
Size : 44.5 Kb
Type : xls
EV & Flex questions.pdf EV & Flex questions.pdf
Size : 107.484 Kb
Type : pdf

Presented at the NABT conference in November 2023:

corruption poster.pdf corruption poster.pdf
Size : 1326.791 Kb
Type : pdf
corruption slides.pdf corruption slides.pdf
Size : 3188.612 Kb
Type : pdf
corruption slides.pptx corruption slides.pptx
Size : 4545.629 Kb
Type : pptx
corruption (short).pdf corruption (short).pdf
Size : 2748.707 Kb
Type : pdf
Presented at the Antonio Thomas event in August 2023:
whocdc presentation.pptx whocdc presentation.pptx
Size : 2490.971 Kb
Type : pptx
whocdc presentation.pdf whocdc presentation.pdf
Size : 1361.335 Kb
Type : pdf
whocdc handout.pdf whocdc handout.pdf
Size : 259.883 Kb
Type : pdf
4.3 WHO stdnt.pdf 4.3 WHO stdnt.pdf
Size : 338.24 Kb
Type : pdf
4.4 CDC stdnt.pdf 4.4 CDC stdnt.pdf
Size : 446.082 Kb
Type : pdf
4.3 WHO tchr.pdf 4.3 WHO tchr.pdf
Size : 169.589 Kb
Type : pdf
4.4 CDC tchr.pdf 4.4 CDC tchr.pdf
Size : 152.553 Kb
Type : pdf
4.3 WHO Obesity (teacher).xlsx 4.3 WHO Obesity (teacher).xlsx
Size : 15.825 Kb
Type : xlsx
4.3 WHO Life 1990, 2000, 2019 (teacher).xlsx 4.3 WHO Life 1990, 2000, 2019 (teacher).xlsx
Size : 42.019 Kb
Type : xlsx
4.3 WHO Life Male & Female (teacher).xlsx 4.3 WHO Life Male & Female (teacher).xlsx
Size : 16.098 Kb
Type : xlsx
4.4 CDC (teacher).xlsx 4.4 CDC (teacher).xlsx
Size : 45.375 Kb
Type : xlsx

Presented at the Montgomery College STEAM event in April 2023:

cbdc final.pdf cbdc final.pdf
Size : 4494.257 Kb
Type : pdf
cbdc suppl.pdf cbdc suppl.pdf
Size : 1692.667 Kb
Type : pdf

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