Here an an update on a post I made in the past about a highly affordable 84 mpg car that will soon be produced in the U.S. An interesting and commonsensical point made by Mr. Elio in the video is how mass is the main factor determining fuel economy in the city, just as aerodynamics determines mpg on the highway. Interestingly, this car is legally classified as a type of "motorcycle" and the manufacturers are trying to persuade some states not to require the drivers to wear helmets. When I lived in Ecuador in the 1980's the cheapest car you could buy was the infamous "Trabant", which was manufactured in East Germany. This car used a motorcycle engine and was known mainly for its low price tag and the frequency with which it broke down. At any rate, even though the car from Elio Motors was not built for performance (or looks) it may be unfair to mention both these cars in the same paragraph. My only concern would be getting parts for a car that was designed from scratch. At any rate, it is encouraging to see an environmentally-friendly car that people can afford without the help subsidies and tax breaks. Could this be the first green version of the Model T or will it come and go like the Tucker?