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Video About My Lab Manual

Posted by Antonio Chaves on Friday, April 24, 2015, In : lab procedure explanations 
I have not been posting lately because I was very busy putting together this 8-minute video about the lab manual I wrote for environmental science. I was so obsessed with getting it right that I missed a credit card payment (it slipped my mind) and my kids started to think I was ignoring them. It's over now, I will pay the late penalty and make it up to my kids. Let's hope it was worth it!
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Favorable Mention of My Lab Manual

Posted by Antonio Chaves on Saturday, January 10, 2015, In : environmental news 
While fishing around the internet for mention of my lab manual, I was very pleased to see this favorable comment by Andrew Friedland (see the November 13 entry). Based on the discussion threads I have read on the College Board environmental science forum, I know the textbook who co-wrote with Rick Relaya is very widely used. Now they are putting out a new edition which is thoroughly described in this video.

I met Andrew Friedland at the AP Conference in 2010(?) shortly before he published the ...
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Exhibiting at the Pennsylvania Science Teacher Conference

Posted by Antonio Chaves on Friday, November 7, 2014,
I will be exhibiting December 4-5 at the conference of the Pennsylvania association of science teachers in State College, PA. I will make available copies of the new edition of my lab manual, free samples, and sample activities (including the "homemade" fuel cell). This should give me better exposure than the conference in MD because the exhibits will last for two days (instead of one) and PA has double the population of MD. Stop by my booth if you are in town.

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Second Edition Updates

Posted by Antonio Chaves on Friday, September 26, 2014, In : new lab procedure 
The second edition is finished. I have updated the lab manual page to reflect this, and changed the posted excerpts to incorporate the final corrections. To save printing costs I have removed the last activity from the printed book and put it into the CD as a "supplement" because it has many pages, and is too difficult for most environmental science students. I like this activity (Chemistry of Flue Gas Desulfurization), but to be honest I only used this activity on my AP chemistry students. I...
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About this blog

This blog was originally created in January 2013 to serve as a means for providing updates on science activities from the environmental science lab manual Ecology, Development, and Sustainability. I have now expanded its purpose to include other items of interest to science teachers. 

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