The second edition is finished. I have updated the lab manual page to reflect this, and changed the posted excerpts to incorporate the final corrections. To save printing costs I have removed the last activity from the printed book and put it into the CD as a "supplement" because it has many pages, and is too difficult for most environmental science students. I like this activity (Chemistry of Flue Gas Desulfurization), but to be honest I only used this activity on my AP chemistry students. I also reduced empty space on the pages so that many of the labs need less pages. Furthermore, I modified the darker images without sacrificing clarity so instructors making photocopies would also save on ink.

The CD that comes with the book now has much more content; 13 completed spreadsheets for instructors, and 11 spreadsheet templates for students. Finally, only the instructor edition has a CD disk. This reduces the price of the student edition and gives the instructor more control over what spreadsheet files to distribute to the students. Prices will be posted in about a week.