Health Expenditures per Capita

March 25, 2021

This cool moving chart shows health expenditures per capita in the highest spending nations. The US is not always number one:


Fauci Wants to Vaccinate Babies

March 20, 2021
So far there is no conclusive evidence that this vaccine is harmful but giving this vaccine to children is wrong on two counts: First, children are least at risk from the virus. Second, the vaccine is too experimental to use on people who have so many years of life ahead of them. Some ideas are so idiotic that only a PhD would believe in them.

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Putting Masks in Children Does More Harm Than Good

March 19, 2021
Few things bother me more than seeing children under the age of 5 wearing masks. It's time to call out people that encouraged this madness:

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Shocking Video of Lightning Strike

March 16, 2021
Horrific video of people standing under a tree that is struck by lightning. The video is graphic, but it is a cautionary tale:

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The Unintended Consequences of Living in an Antiseptic Environment

March 12, 2021
This fascinating article elaborates the "hygiene hypothesis" as a significant cause of allergies, how it was made worse by measures taken in response to the pandemic. It also proposes shocking solutions like "probiotic" surface cleaners. Read it all:

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Space Village Grows in a Sleepy Border Town

March 9, 2021
This story hits home for me because I have relatives in the Rio Grande Valley and visited it many times when I attended graduate school at Texas A & M. It is very exciting that a space center is going to be built in one of the poorest counties in the nation. Unsurprisingly, some retirees who live near the growing space center are opposed and do not want to move. Nevertheless, all of these are vacation homes and there are many coastal alternatives in the valley where they can live at a safe di...

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Lynx Scolded by Embattled Chicken Farmer

March 9, 2021
Well on the bright side this lynx got off easy. As someone who grew up in the “rub nose in it” school of ethics, I can relate to this:

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Sperm Whales Interacting with Divers

March 7, 2021
This story about whales interacting with divers says a lot about the power of sound waves:

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More Bad News for Soy Consumers

March 2, 2021
I have heard for years that soybean oil has estrogenic properties, and there is speculation this may play a role in breast cancer in women and declining testosterone levels in men. And now this:

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A Plant for Absorbing Air Pollution

February 26, 2021
Useful for industrial towns:

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