This semester I am no less busy because I am teaching three classes in two different schools; general biology, environmental science, and respiratory care science. Before this semester I never heard of “respiratory care science”, but I was hired due to my having taught both chemistry and biology at the college level. Even though I need to prepare extensively for this class, I enjoy teaching a college class that involves both chemistry and physics.

Since this is the second semester I am teaching environmental science in a college setting, the need for another edition of the lab manual has become all the more evident. In addition to adding more activities, I intend to write up alternate versions of the more difficult activities so all of them can be executed and written up by average students with approximately the same amount of effort. By making the labs more “uniform”, students who miss different labs are penalized equally. I already do this during my classes by means of “ad lib” editing of the activities. Some of these simplifications have already been documented in this blog. The next step is to put all of this in writing. Those of you who purchased the first edition can purchase the second edition for the cost of printing and shipping. I want to make things right for those of you who gave me the benefit of a doubt on the first book I ever wrote.