While fishing around the internet for mention of my lab manual, I was very pleased to see this favorable comment by Andrew Friedland (see the November 13 entry). Based on the discussion threads I have read on the College Board environmental science forum, I know the textbook who co-wrote with Rick Relaya is very widely used. Now they are putting out a new edition which is thoroughly described in this video.

I met Andrew Friedland at the AP Conference in 2010(?) shortly before he published the first edition of his book. In fact, he gave me a draft of one of the chapters for me to review. It impressed me as a very comprehensive and even-handed treatment of the subject matter. I have yet to see the whole textbook because none of the schools where I taught ever used it. Probably as a courtesy for my doing this, he purchased the first edition of my lab manual as soon as it became available. It is just as well that he did not comment on it because it was deeply flawed!