This article based on well-to-wheel analysis exposes some inconvenient truths about hydrogen fuel cell cars. Even though I am fascinated by the fuel cell principle and even include a lab activity on fuel cells, I have never been a fan of fuel cell cars. In fact, two of my activities (Lab 2-2: Transportation and Lab 3-6: Fuel Cell Dynamics) expose the inefficiency of extracting hydrogen from water for purposes of using it in fuel cells. This is why most hydrogen is extracted from natural gas (95%, according to the article). Consequently, there is no evidence that now or even the the distant future that fuel cell vehicles will significantly reduce the demand for fossil fuels. While I agree with the author that lithium battery-powered vehicles are a much better option, I think that the author overlooks potential of fuel cells that run on other fuels like methanol. I describe this at length in one of my earlier blogs