I currently teach freshman biology for science majors where between 30-50% of the students drop the class or get less than a C. The problem is not only academic unreadiness, it is lack of self-awareness: Many have no clue as to how unready they are for science or health-related fields. Shockingly, some of them repeat the class and fail this class three times in a row! I shared this article with them to give them some much needed perspective. I stumbled on it by accident when I was looking up average SAT scores for biology majors. The scores of my students are none of my business, but showing them the scatter plot should give them a rough idea of where they stand. A scatter plot for each major would be far more helpful because some majors are less demanding, but given that many who take my class lack basic academic skills, I think this one is very helpful. If your student took the ACT instead of the SAT, this link provides a conversion.